Pet Friendly Home Customization

If your pets are part of the family, don’t ignore them when building your custom home! There are so many ways to incorporate their needs and also make your life easier. Considering your pet when building goes beyond just choosing materials. All it takes is a little bit of planning and creativity. 

Dog Wash

Whether you’re cleaning paws or giving your pup a full bath, the garden hose isn’t always the most practical option. Consider adding a small dog wash station in your laundry room or mudroom. Keep your supplies such as towels and shampoo in a nearby drawer or cabinet and Fido will think they’re getting the full spa experience!

Don’t want to have an entire bathing station? You can always install an additional handheld shower head closer to the ground in your walk-in shower to make bath time easier.

Feeding Station

Tired of water bowls getting kicked over or food bowls sitting out in plain sight? Try adding a small nook or drawer to your cabinets to place bowls out of walkways. Feeding stations can also be added in the mudroom with food storage close by to make feeding time convenient for everyone.

Sleeping Areas

You can really turn any area into a spot just for your animals. Convert the space under the stairs into a room especially for your best friend, leave room under a countertop for their kennel to fit, or create a special nook in the wall to tuck their comfy bed out of the way. 

Built-In Gates

If you’re trying to keep your animals contained or keep them out of a certain area of your home, you’re not doomed to unsightly baby gates. Add custom gates that slide into the wall when not in use or beautiful gates that are easy to walk through and even easier on the eyes.

Your pets are valued members of the family, and they deserve to be pampered in their new custom home, as well!