What is a “custom home”?

A custom home is one that is completely personalized by the homeowner to reflect their own personal taste and lifestyle.

The mark of a Flair Builders custom home is its exceptional attention to detail, superior design quality and expert construction. Simply put, we make extraordinary homes for discerning homeowners.

Driven by the belief that no two home buyers are alike, each Flair Builders home is distinctively different, custom by definition and timeless by design. From the floor plan and appliances to the fixtures, technology options and more- our homes are uniquely tailored to the families that inhabit them.

Can we build on our own lot?

Yes, Flair Builders can build on your lot.

If we do not have a lot, can Flair Builders help us find one?

Absolutely. We will be happy to help source the perfect lot for you and make our recommendations of available and appropriate tract.

How do we get started?

The first step in the design and completion of a custom home by Flair Builders is arranging a meeting between the design team and the prospective homebuyers.

During this meeting, the prospective homebuyer’s specific interests, style preferences, vision and lifestyle accommodations will be discussed, along with a budget range and a timeline for completion. We’ll determine factors like desired square footage, as well as how many bedrooms and bathrooms are needed. We will explore your style preferences, whether traditional, classic, contemporary, or something completely different. We will discuss your need to find a lot or the possibilities of using your existing property. This first meeting is a great opportunity to establish a relationship between you, the homebuilder, and our team.

Do you have floor plans that we can choose from?

As a custom builder, we seek to tailor each home to its owner according to their preferences. Therefore, we do not have pre-made floor plans from which to make your selection. This ensures the perfect home for you, in accordance with your needs and preferences.

What factors determine how much our custom home will cost?

The look, production time and cost of a custom home by Flair Builders is completely predicated on what the owner wants. Items such as square footage, selected appliances, amenities, decorative flourishes and more will likely influence the price.

An estimate will be determined after our initial meeting, where we determine what you are looking for, based upon your requests and what you desire.

If you have a budget in mind, we can work around that as well.

What does the final price include?

A Flair Builders custom home includes turnkey design and construction of the new home, from the presentation of the blueprints to the presentation of the keys. Additionally, this includes:

  • The review and recommendation of available and appropriate lots, if the home buyer has not already selected one.
  • Assistance with the purchase and titling of the property.
  • The creation of blueprints, floor plans and lot plans for review and approval by the home buyer.
  • The assignment of a Flair Builders team member as the superintendent for the project, including contact information for 24-hour access to them and J. Alan Kent, owner of Flair Builders.
  • The presentation of a variety of budget options, based on square footage, selected appliances, amenities and decorative flourishes.
  • The sourcing and management of any outside vendors, craftsmen, contractors, service personnel, landscapers, or installation teams needed to ensure the timely and satisfactory completion of the project.
  • The procurement of all permits, licenses, environmental clearances, etc. required for the project.
  • The ongoing pursuit of excellence, innovation, and stylistic diversification for each Flair Builders home.

Can we use our own architect?

Flair Builders has dependable, trustworthy resources, partners, and vendors who share our vision and standards. If you have not already secured an architect, we would be happy to introduce you to one of ours. Otherwise, you are welcome to use an architect of your choosing.

When will we meet with the architect?

The homebuilder will meet the architect after the initial meeting, once we have determined their needs and interests.

What should we bring to our meeting with the architect?

We recommend you bring an array of photos to show the architect what you have in mind. Houzz.com is a great place to search for inspiration and find photos of homes, as is Pinterest, but please feel free to bring paper clippings from magazines, etc.

How long does the design process take?

The length of time for the home design process varies with each client according to their specific needs and desires. On average, this could take around a month, but many times we see the process being shorter or longer.

Who will be our contact person for the project?

Upon introduction, a Flair Builders team member will be assigned as the superintendent for the duration of the project. Furthermore, emergency contact information will be provided for 24-hour access to your superintendent, as well as J. Alan Kent, owner of Flair Builders.

Can we make changes to the plans?

You will be able to make changes throughout the design process. Once we get all the details narrowed down in a manner you are happy with, we will present a final set of construction plans. You may make changes any time prior to signing off on the final construction plans. However, after that point, each unique situation will determine whether changes can be accommodated.

Will we be able to pick out appliances, counter tops, flooring, etc.?

Yes! This is a prime advantage of designing a custom home with Flair Builders. Our design and construction teams make it their business to know the latest amenities available to homeowners. That means that this ever-growing list of new appliances, fixtures, flooring, furnishings, and technology options can be recommended with confidence and integrated into Flair Builders’ custom homes at the homebuyer’s discretion.