Home Additions You Haven’t Thought Of Yet

Building a custom home is exciting because you can add anything your heart desires. Some people add wine cellars or home theaters, but what if there are things you haven’t even thought of yet? These are some of the coolest home additions that you probably haven’t even considered!

Hidden Rooms

Every child dreams of a secret world behind the closet doors, but what if that dream could be a reality? Turn an ordinary closet into a passageway to an incredible play room for the kids. A simple mirror can hide a stairwell into the attic, and a section of a closet can conceal a safe or gun storage that only you know about. Create a cozy reading nook behind a bookshelf. Lift a section of the floor or push an inconspicuous section of the wall to reveal an entire room or even wing of the house that only really special people get to know about!

Custom Storage

Storage in any home is a huge selling point, but what if your storage could be exactly what you needed? Optimize your kitchen space by adding a charging drawer to your island or a lifting shelf inside your cabinet to hold your mixer. Build out your dream closet with a whole wall for your shoes or the perfect display area for your designer handbags. Maximize the space in your garage by adding in a whole wall of custom shelving for your tools and sports equipment, or make it the perfect spot to protect and display your car collection.


If entertaining is a huge part of your lifestyle, incorporate that into your home! Two lane bowling alleys and home theaters are just two additions that can provide endless entertainment. An indoor pool can be used all year, no matter the weather, or you can build an outdoor theater to watch movies in the water. We’ve built incredible bars in homes, while others have opted for outdoor entertainment centers that would allow them to host epic parties all summer long.

Your home is meant to be your oasis. Flair Builders can help make it exactly that! Contact us today to start dreaming up your new home.