Checklist To The Perfect Home

We strive to make your custom home building process as seamless as possible. That is why our process is streamlined, thorough, and detailed. From the moment you make an appointment with our team we start creating your dream house. When you leave that appointment the wheels are set in motion.


Questions About Our Process?

Flair has a set of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that can be helpful in preparing for this process.  These FAQs answer questions about location and siting of the future home, how to get started, floor plans, cost projecting, using architects, project duration and timing, changes, and selection of appliances and finishes.  Reviewing these FAQ’s will better position you for success.  


Do I need a floor plan to get started?

No “pre-made” floor plan is needed when envisioning your custom made home. We can start from scratch to ensure your dream home is yours and no one else’s dream. If you don’t have a vision, we can offer suggestions on floor plans as a starting point and work with you to customize your preferences.  We will also offer things for you to think about relative to your preferences.  


What insights can Flair provide in finalizing my design?

Flair can provide advice every step of the way.  For example, if you want a wooded lot and also want a pool, the builder will have the insights to inform you that this is feasible but it may come with leaves and needles making its way into the pool requiring more cleaning.  We can offer suggestions on pool placement and selective removal of trees to make this a win-win situation for the homeowner.  Additionally if you have pets and want pet friendly finishes, we can offer advice on these.  Ultimately the final decisions reside with the homeowner, but Flair Builders can be your partner in making your dream a reality.