The How To On Creating A Cozy Living Room

Wondering how to cozy up your home? Mixing in the right colors, textures, and accessories can do the trick when wanting to turn up the welcoming factor of your home. Take some cues below to see how to achieve this aesthetic.


Add a Throw Blanket 

Picture this, you are on the couch watching movies with popcorn popped, candles burning, but what is missing? A blanket! A throw blanket draped over your couch can provide a feeling of coziness not only to feel but also to look at. Pro-tip: choose one that goes with the color scheme of your home for the best results.


Turn Up The Heat With A Fireplace

This option may require a little more work but it is well worth it! If you are really trying to create a cozy feeling in your home, have a fireplace installed. While you may only use it half of the year, (no need for the extra heat in a Texas summer!) you will still enjoy the appeal of it year-round. 


Candles Are A Must Have

One of the easiest ways to make your home appeal more warm and cozy is by stocking up on candles. No need to burn them all at once but their appearance alone can attract that pleasant calming feeling. For maximum results buy candles of all different shapes and sizes, this will create an artsy chic look.


Ample Seating 

It is very important to have enough seating in your living areas for when guests come over. Be sure to create a space that incorporates loveseats, chairs, a couch, stools, or whatever the space allows. The more seating you have in your living space the more your area will feel welcoming and inviting to guests. 


Are you going to try any of these tips to create a cozier feel in your home?