How To Organize Your Laundry Room

Your laundry room is a space to clean and refresh clothes so it should be clean as well. Take some pointers below on how to organize and clean your laundry room space. 


Hide Products

Clutter is never good, especially in a space that should feel clean and almost tranquil. Hide your products in cabinets or bins to enjoy a fresh laundry room without the junk, just be sure to organize the products instead of tossing them in there blindly. 


Custom Build Machines into Cabinets

An interesting design trend has been installing washer and dryer machines into the cabinet space to create a seamless looking laundry room. It is not only aesthetically attractive but also functional. 


Pull Out Iron

Instead of pulling out your iron from the back of your door every time you need a press, install a built in iron that can simply pull out from one of your cabinets. It is easy, efficient, and almost effortless. 


Countertops Always Help

Need more counter space? Just add it! Amazon makes it super easy to attach a floating counter space to any area. Be sure to find one that can hold more weight opposed to one that is made for smaller objects. 


These tips are easy and effective when you want to turn your laundry room into something clean and fabulous. For any home customizations call Flair Builders at 281-376-1500.