How To Choose The Perfect Rug For Your Living Room

When decorating your home, rugs should never be overlooked. They can add flair and a statement to your main living areas without much effort. Take some cues below to find out how to incorporate the perfect rug into your home. 


Coordinate With Colors 

The easiest way to add a rug into your home is by finding a color you like. If your living area is simple and minimalistic try a rug that pops! Or if you want to tone down the feel of your space you could add a neutral rug to make things more subtle. There is really no wrong way of doing this and the options are limitless. 



If you are into the bohemian look try layering your rugs. This may be a little intimidating at first but the finish can be super chic and cool. This works best with oriental style rugs, collect different shapes and sizes and then experiment by layering them on top of each other for a boho yet new twist on rugs. 


Pet Friendly Options 

Have a furry friend but still love the look of rugs? No worries, try Ruggable! This option makes it super easy to have fun with rugs without the mess. These rugs are machine washable and for that reason make it super easy to clean.


Play With Textures

Instead of focusing on the color of your rug you can opt for adventuring with textures. This not only alters the feel of your home but also the look. Shaggy, short, sheepskin, or bamboo there are so many ways to incorporate a new vibe into your room. 


Rugs can truly add depth to your space and give an overall polished appearance. Try one of these options when choosing a new rug for your living area!