Getting Your Home Holiday Ready

Getting your home holiday ready can seem like a chore. Here at Flair Builders, we’ve made it fun! There’s no feeling like a freshly decorated house, especially with all of the beautiful holiday décor that’s begging to be displayed! There’s so much more to getting your home holiday ready, though. That’s what we’re going to discuss today! Here’s our top holiday home tips.


Holiday Home Refresh


You’ve heard of Spring cleaning, but what about a holiday home refresh? The two are similar in concept, but the execution is tailored for this busy yet fun time of year. In order to get your home holiday ready, the first step is to clean and organize everything that will be displayed and not stored away (more on this in the next tip)!


Holiday Décor Swaps


When the holiday season rolls around, there’s an abundance of home décor options! Whether you have a huge collection or are just starting out, there’s easy ways to incorporate your “everyday” decor with more seasonal items. Adding ribbons to your entertainment center or fireplace mantle is a great place to start. If you’re feeling cluttered, consider swapping out some décor for seasonal versions! Throw pillows, blankets, pictures, and more can be easily swapped to get your home holiday ready. 


Upgrade Your Guest Experience


There’s plenty of different ways to upgrade your guests’ experience this holiday season. A few of our favorites are to refresh your guest room(s), adding seasonal scents to every room, and offer a small welcome basket for your guests to enjoy! The welcome basket doesn’t have to be grandiose, but a good rule of thumb is to provide something comfy like socks, a robe, fresh pillow cases, and something yummy like candy or a snack. Displaying a welcome basket on your guest’s bed can make your home look and feel luxurious – and get yourself a basket while you’re out, you deserve it


The Sounds Of The Holidays


Some of the most nostalgic parts of the holidays are the sounds. Quiet music is a great place to start, and is even better with whole-home audio! Soundscapes can add a whole new layer to your home’s cozy vibes, and elevate your holiday parties and gatherings even more! Plus, the artwork behind the sounds can double as holiday décor – that’s a win win in our book!

Flair Builders prides ourselves on not only our holiday home tips, but our everyday renovations and custom builds. If you’re in need of assistance on a project, reach out! We’ll collaborate to ensure that your next project is a win.