Get Your Home 4th of July Ready!

Is your home ready for the 4th of July? Celebrate the weekend by preparing your house for this fun-filled holiday! Read below for tips and tricks on how to make the most out of your indoor and outdoor space in time for the fourth of July weekend. 


Deep Clean

Holiday’s always feel better with a clean space. Deep clean your living area and don’t forget the backyard/patio! Getting this clean base is easy to build on top of when it comes to decorations, food preparations, etc. So bust out the mop, swiffer, windex, and get to work (or hire someone else to!)


Add Celebratory Decor

Who doesn’t love fun holiday decorations? This one can be a bit trickier to make your home not look cheesy or cheap. Be sure to choose decor that reflects your home’s natural charm, throw pillows or blankets can work to add on that extra oomph your home needs for holidays. Steer clear from plastic or paper decorations. 


Prep Your Pool

If you got it, flaunt it! You paid a pretty penny for your pool, so why not make it the star of the show for the fourth? Add in pool noodles, floaties, turn on the pool light, and accentuate the features around the pool to enhance the overall feel of your backyard this weekend.


Get Your Freezer/Fridge in Check

This is a big weekend for your freezer and fridge. If you are hosting, guests are going to be in and out of your fridge for drinks and ice. Be sure to clean everything out before stocking it up (this kind of goes with the first point above!). Having an organized fridge goes a long way for the look and feel of your kitchen space so don’t forget this important tip!


Host with The Most 

Are you hosting this 4th of July? Be sure to cater to your guests by having everything they may need, whether that be napkins, drinks, snacks, or a comfy place to sit. Crank the tunes, sit by the pool, and make sure everyone has a drink in hand for the best holiday weekend. 


These tips and tricks are sure to get you and your home ready to go for the 4th of July. Stay safe and enjoy!