Additions To Bring Your Home to Life This Spring

Does your home have the winter blues? It is time to get out of the dull chilling season and jump into the brightest season, Spring! Bring your home back to life with these ideas that are sure to brighten your space.


Bar Cart 

Who doesn’t love a bar cart? They are useful, good for storage, and extremely cute. Adding a bar cart to your space will definitely liven the place up and also make it more inviting for guests when you have them over.


Layering Textures

A fun way to introduce versatility in your home is by playing with textures. Canvas, patent leather, faux sheeps fur, these are all textures that may be overlooked when shopping for home decor. This is also a great idea if you want to subtly make a statement, instead of having a bright colored pillow add a cool textured throw blanket. 


Switch Out The Art 

A new season calls for new artwork. Switch out the old art and replace it with something that reminds you of spring time. This simple addition is great for those with little space in their homes as the old art can be hidden easily behind bed frames, doors, or large standing mirrors.


Organize Exposed Cabinetry 

If you are feeling adventurous try incorporating exposed cabinetry in your home. It is one of the biggest trends at the moment and can make your space feel clean and modern. If this is a big risk for you, try starting in your laundry room and if you love it, do the kitchen!


Spring cleaning doesn’t sound so bad after incorporating these tips.